Features of Arrowad Competency Model

For the keenness of Knowledge Pioneers for Training and Education that the training has a clear impact on the trainee, it has built a set of educational competencies of its own and named it Arrowad Competencies as it benefited from previous experiences in this area, but Arrowad competency model has a number of features, including:

It is based on the most recent studies, researches, and standard comparisons in educational competencies.
It is based on the professional reality and needs.
It considers the basic components of educational career and it is teacher-centered.
It observes the balance between educational and administrative needs at school and the identity of teachers.
It can be developed and improved.
Professional Competences

1. Educational Competences: The basic and advanced educational knowledge which are based on research-findings and scientific skills relevant to the job responsibilities and material and human working environment of educators.
2. Specialization-based Competencies: The specialized knowledge and skills gained from the qualifications and job description of educators

Career Environment Competences

1. Technological Competencies: The knowledge and skills in using the technology in performing the job responsibilities
2. Managerial and Collaboration Competencies:: The skills in managing and interacting with the aspects of work environment, the directions of influence and responsibility of different types, and collaboration with colleagues

Personal Competences

1. Continuous Learning and Literacy Competencies: The knowledge and skill in understanding the works and the world, gaining knowledge, and conducting a research; and the effective mental skills
2. Emotional Intelligence Competencies: Self-management skills, social skills, sympathy, self-motivation and motivating others, and self-consciousness