INTEREDU™ Advanced Educational Qualification

The Advanced Education Qualification involves advanced knowledge of teaching and learning. It provides updated training based on the most recent research findings and frameworks of recent educational theories. It focuses on the standards of the education profession and the aspirations and practices of international schools. It includes the following programs:

Program Hours
1 Reflective Teacher 15
2 Adopting Professional Educational Ethics and Standards in Teaching Practices 10
3 Developing Collaboration Skills for Highly Functional Teacher Teams 10
4 Utilizing Social Skills and Effective Communication for School and Classroom Interaction 10
5 Developing Students’ Effective Habits of Mind 5
6 Standards Based Planning 10
7 Designing Diagnostic Assessment using Formative and Authentic Assessment Techniques 15
8 Active Learning Strategies for the 21st Century Class 15
9 Methods of Effective Feedback 5
10 Students’ Motivation Enhancement Skills 10
11 Differentiated Teaching Strategies 1: Designing Classroom Accommodation Based on Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles 10
12 Differentiated Teaching Strategies 2: Classroom Accommodations for Special Needs Learners in Regular Classrooms: Giftedness, Specific Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Behavioral and Emotional Problems 15
13 Developing Students’ Reading Comprehension Skills, Writing and Research in Different Subjects 10
14 Introduction to Issues and Concepts in International Schools 15
Total hours 155