Designing Lessons Based on General Principals of Teaching Math, Science, Technology and Society.

This program focuses on some basic ideas and subjects which are not limited to only one branch of Science, but rather it introduces efficient methods for thinking, interpretation, observation and planning. It recurs in all subject areas, not to mention the core subjects. These include systems, models, stability, change and scale. Recent research emphasized on the importance of integrated learning between different subjects. Teacher’s perception of such concepts and the basic unity between subjects, which help teachers to plan and perform lessons under the umbrella of this, integrated vision, especially when teachers plan to link the learning experience with students’ real life.

The trainee will be exposed during the training sessions to a number of theoretical and practical experiences, which contribute in enlightening and introducing the trainee to the four axes of different sciences and how to assimilate them with their specialization contexts. The trainees exchange work in groups of the same discipline then in multidisciplinary groups until their vision is fully integrated. They will cooperatively work on integrated planning within their groups. Read more >>

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